Monday, July 7, 2008

I've been advised

Over the last few weeks I've been told that I need to seek divine intervention to slow if not arrest my personal slide into hell.

Apparently the stars have mis-aligned themselves against me and all is not well in the realms of my life; and, unless I do something about, I am basically in for unspeakable horrors.

Which is why, after a not insignificant periof of time, I found myself back in the vicinity of a Hindu kovil. Now, a lesser known fact about me is that I was at one time the chief custodian of a kovil, officiating at all the pooja's taking my place amongst the devotees each day. A role unlikely of a half kandyan, govigama buddhist for sure, but one that I played with piety and devotion.

Truth is, it was like coming home again as the smell of incense, burning oil, the sounds of the drums, bells and chanting spilled over me. It was certainly with a lighter heart that I worshiped that morn, asking not for material gain but for the strength to deal with the consequences of my actions.

There is only so much that can do about where my life goes. Perhaps all I can do is walk it with head held high, stoic if need be in the face of trial.

That my anchor has come lose a cause of concern, for without it I am at the mercy of the elements. I see my shore in the distance, barely glimpsed through the darkness, the wind, rain and waves that rage around me.... but I see it. I will reach shore or die trying - no shame in that

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