Monday, February 11, 2008


I've been off for the last two weeks, kicking back and enjoying the simpler pleasures that life has to offer - sleeping in late, lazing on the beach in the sun, spending time with friends, reading.

Mid week found me lost in contemplation of the beauty of life, of the nature of relationships and those singular moments in life that set direction. It was an exquisite experiance, a moment in time.

Having opened The Mangroves up, I've been returning there frequently to spend a day or two, sitting back to savour the pleasure that I derive from it. Friends have visted and we've knocked a few drinks back sitting outside on the steps. Thanks to Black_Stilettos I've aquired a taste for Mojito's, I must make more!!!

Saturday was a good day, spent in the company of a dear friend, it was certainly one for the books. Black_Stilettos and I spent the day jumping in and out of our carriage snapping away at anything that looked interesting, ending with over 500 photographs 'tween the two of us by day's end.

That I eventually ended up on my favourite beach down the coast, drinking beer and admiring the view only added to my sense of well-being. T'was a happy man to amble home.

The week was good, I am content with my lot

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