Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This path

Relationships, life, not an easy thing is it? Whatever I've been short off in life, the one thing that I have not been short of are good friends. Friends of the sort that you can say any jackass thing you want to, friends that you can call at 2am and bitch about some inane thing or the other, friends that you don't see for years and yet pick up where you dropped off from.

I've never been one to make friends easily; truth is, I rub most people off the wrong way. I am what I am and my life is guided by a few principles that I am not willing to compromise upon.... If this is difficult for some to digest, so be it.

But I digress....

Point I am trying to make, is that I 've got some really good mates. Some of them started of as lovers, before time and circumstances took us on different paths and yet, we managed to stay grand mates.... In my more emotional moments, I'm grateful to them all.

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