Sunday, October 7, 2007


Well my Sunday worked out alright.

Managed to find another hotel, more reasonably priced and within my budget!

It comes at a cost, but no complaints from me.

The rest of the day looks quiet.... Sunday in Luanda, what else can I say? A welcome phone call from a dear friend was pleasant - thank you Lucy!

Country list update 27 now and 12%.

Angola, a country of contradictions
  • 50% unemployment
  • 50% GDP from oil
  • 90% of exports are oil
  • 50% of food is imported
  • 90% of the employed are in subsistence agriculture
  • 70% of the population lives in and around Luanda... not a hotel bed to be found. The few that are there on average $200/-
  • 27yrs of war
  • 5yrs of peace
  • The continents second largest open market - Rouke - is here

And yet, business has boomed, imports of foods, white goods etc doubled in two years.... what drives it, I don't know, yet.

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