Thursday, October 4, 2007

Here I am!

My butt hurts.

I've been sitting on it for the last eight hours, and yes I know it's supposed to be sat on, but there is a limit.

Landed in Dubai at 6, after a random walk around the airport I found myself a nice quiet corner to surf the net.

Another three hours to go.

The hours have passed pleasantly spent in chatting with a friend, doing e mails and basically making a pest of myself.

A 12 hr wait in Addis, then on to Luanda, where I hear I don't have a hotel reservation - long story. I'm hoping some woman will pick me up and take me home. The truth is more than a bed, I am rather keener on a toilet. After all, by the time I land, I would have, effectively, been travelling for more than 48hrs.

Shall keep you posted.

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