Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Explore Sri Lanka

I've been reading posts about trips to the Northern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka over the last few weeks, seems that many a 1000's are traveling to areas that have been virtually out of bounds to an entire generation and I'm so wanting to join in!

My last trip to Batticaloa would have been about 9 - 10 yrs ago,  a drive I'm not likely to forget as I started the trip on a Thursday evening after work. Just getting out of Colombo was a nightmare, upto Kandy, on to Habarana and onwards. And I did this in a Toyota Cynos - the closest I've ever been to driving a 'sports' car! It was an eerie sensation I remember, driving along in darkness along roads not traveled upon before.

In 2003 I took the night mail to Vavuniya, and bussed it from that point onwards to Jaffna - that too was a surreal experience and one I am unlikely to forget in a hurry.

My only regret is that at the time I really didn't have a camera - I cant think why not, oh well; memories I do have.

So, lets see, what would my dream trip be...

A week on the road, driving up along the East Coast - from Arugam Bay up to Batticaloa, Pasi Kuda, on to Trincomalee, from there to Jaffna, Delft Islands (is that possible?) back down to Mannar and further along the  Western Coast, two weeks maybe?

A few years ago I took the coastal road upto Puttalam and on to Anuradhapura - that stretch of road was awful at the time and I berated myself for choosing to do so at the time - those pot holes!

This post is actually going no where, but I wanna go anyway


  1. can i come with you? :P

  2. Sounds like the beginning of a plan!

  3. The road from ABay upto Trinco is in pretty good shape, as far as I know, and the one from Trinco to Vavuniya isn't that bad either (I think the Army carpeted that since it was an important supply route during the war). A9 from Vavu to Jaffna, take the ferry to Delft (it runs from what I've heard) and then back to Jaffna, take the A32 to Mannar, and the new route through Wilpattu down to Puttalam, with two nights spent inside Wilpattu? ;) Ah, you've made me dream now, Sigma! :D

  4. Tks Chavie, perhaps we could do this trip one day!

  5. I will join too! Keep me posted when you plan the trip :D