Monday, March 29, 2010


The end of a financial year is close upon me and looking back I got to say, I'm not too happy with the results - the impact of the global economic slow down cut into my performance by as much as 50% taking me back to trading levels of 2007/08.

Any improvement is slow in coming due to multiple factors - increase in material cost, a weakening Euro and a gaining US$, whatever anyone else says, I dont think we are clear yet; the fundamentals look wrong, no matter how much of a positive face the experts try to keep.

It was not really surprising then to read that  a leading Telecommunications provider in SL was cutting back due to the "economic crisis" - interestingly, most of the previous communique from this entity till I saw this article has generally been positive.....

Its 19:05, Monday evening and 35.5 degrees Celsius, warm eh? There were a couple of cool days, much appreciated, last week, but the temperature is back with a vengeance, sigh...

BTW, my ATM card, which worked so well over the last two years has stopped - Inability to access one's salary has its obvious advantages, but me starving to death  may make enjoying it later difficult.... the cloud in the silver lining eh?!

Take care all