Sunday, December 28, 2008

Free to fly

I detest seeing caged animals and my heart cry's to see a bird caged - how can you cage something that can fly?!

Yesterday on my way back we came across a tree hung with tiny bird cages, in one a little bird, desolately peaking away at a dried corn cob...

My thoughts were on it as we ran our errands returning to the car to drive home... the engine turned once and died. Not a light to be seen, not a sound or a hum....

Sitting around waiting for help to arrive, we ended up buying the little prisoner; no good deed goes unrewarded because a few mints later as I desolately poked around the engine, the damn car started!

I had yet to hear the little fellow sing, it looked so sad...

Arriving home the cage was eventually dismantled and our new friend persuaded to come out... amazingly as it flew to a branch close by it began to sing!

1 comment:

  1. I HATE caging birds and fish. Think its just plain wrong.

    Lovely pictures. Have a happy new year. :)