Wednesday, December 17, 2008

~ThE DiviNe PriNcEsS~: and blog will u

Well, that's what brought this about, there I was happily whiling away the mid morning multitasking between work and chatting on line when I get this request to ".. and blog will u"

Truth is it is justified, its been a while since I've posted here and now when I think about it, I'm not sure why I haven't either.

In my defense is the excuse that nothing much has really been happening to me - I've settle down into a routine of sorts, up at 430 to coffee, toilet, shave and shower; at my little desk by 5am, to wait in anticipation to see if I actually have internet access. Its a good day if I do which means I get to down load my mail, load around in cyber space and get into verbal exchanges with DP about cooking and driving.

Sometime after breaky I amble off down to the market place to hang around trying to look busy - which am mostly not really.

Its strange that not a day goes by when I don't think about 'her' though... last week, on the 10th to be precise I suspect that something was happening with and around her. I had switched on the radio here, to listen to as I worked and during the space of a couple of hours I hear songs that I had come to associate with what was/is us. Music that she introduced me to, music with lyrics that touched what we were... music that is us. And when I heard Dido's White Flag playing, I knew that there was more happening at that moment.

I'm waiting for the year to end, I'm waiting for an opportune moment to ask for leave so that I can haul my ass back home to SL to see my beloved Kos, to play with my dogs, to see the lush green that is SL.

And travel! Plans afoot for a a drive to Accra and then on to Lome, perhaps Nigeria and if the gods kind, to South Africa and Mozambique too! Toes crossed!



  1. ha! Finally!!!!!!!
    Princess says : Welcome my friend..:)

    you should draw a line when you suddenly talk of 'her'... people could mis-understand.... coz you started the post with the Divine

    Kos....*drifts away in my mind*

  2. post again! what's wrong aney?
    nothing to write about?