Monday, September 1, 2008

What a night

Its been a while since I've been out after mid night, till last night!

I've been teased about my ability to dance, in fact the comments have been bordering insolence, voicing in terms which leave little to misinterpret that I in fact cannot shake a leg at all.

Since it was all in good fun I decided to pick up the gauntlet and find a carpet to cut.

This then is how I came to find myself at the Calypso Club in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso at 1am in the morning of the 1st day in September 2008.

Over the three years I've stepped into three clubs in West Africa - Le Byblos in Bamako Mali, Makumba in Accra and now Calypso in Ouaga.

The nicest thing about all these clubs is that not only do the girls usually out number the men, but they also have no inhibitions about dancing with anyone who asks them to. Of course, some of these ladies are of the type that would like to become your high maintenance friend, even for a night, but that in no way affects the good humor that prevailed in all of them.

Another thing that the three had in common was the presence of a giant mirror adorning one wall. And for some peculiar reason, its not unusual to see a number of girls dancing by themselves in front of it, swaying to the music, seemingly lost in a world of their own.

I enjoyed myself, it seemed the perfect ending to a lovely day spent in good company. I conducted myself, I was told, in a manner which laid to rest any doubts about my abilty to move to rhythem, in fact, all things considered, me thinks me did alright!

A word of advice for anyone following suit - either go with a crowed, or a local... Africa is still a place of violence, walking the streets alone at night is not recommended

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