Friday, September 12, 2008


Lome, Togo.

00:40 and I am in one of the most luxurious rooms I have ever been in - Its approximately the size of the living room back home, there is 45" flat screen across from where I sit, wifi, a jacuzzi in the bathroom... LOL

I'm well, a mite tired but happy with what has been achieved so far. Since leaving Guinea, I've been in Accra for a night before moving down the coast and across the border at Aflao to Lome this morning. I return to Accra tomorrow, and then on to Nigeria on Sunday for the last leg of my trip.

Sleep calls me, a call I heed more out of duty that desire this evening for I find myself contemplative, of my life and the turns it has taken.
I sense a decisive moment in time coming ahead....

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  1. there is a town in togo that has the same name as i do :) and there's something wrong with that sentence that i can't put my finger on.