Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Its to be

4am and I can feel the tug of those threads that bind lives to one another. The pull is strong and while it may just be the results of a restless mind, I think it’s something more.

The week has been another difficult one. Absence takes its toil affecting my ability to look at the world with a smile.

Very few understand, and the many that don’t, seek tangible reasons of anything that is acceptable – they don’t understand.

It makes me angry, it also saddens me for it merely highlights the sheer vastness of the gap that exists.

An opportunity has appeared upon my horizon, it may be the door that I seek, a path to take me where I desire to be. But alone I cannot do that, one other must chose to walk with me. The path requires patience, the ability to remain calm in the face of the storms that rage.

I sense that it will be, in the distance I see it, I still believe.

It will happen

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