Monday, August 25, 2008

25th August 2008

23rd August 2008

Well, I am rested, and well so if I may put it that way. My sleep was deep, lasting for almost ten hours uninterrupted and awake I did come most refreshed.

The day has been a good one, except for one thing which concerns me deeply. More on that later.

This morning was spent in the company of one of my clients, a jovial man whom I have come to respect as I have got to know him. My dealings with him, as with all my clientele, have been transparent and if at all, all I can be faulted with it for being to o trusting.

Work discussed I broached a matter which I have been tasked with – to consider the possibility of setting up a permanent presence here in West Africa. I am now of mind to do so here in Ouaga as opposed to my initial selection Accra.

There are reasons.

In spite of an attempt to sound cheerful, I know that it was a mere subterfuge to spare me any pain. But while words can try, a voice finds it harder and I am so attuned to the nuances of that voice that I know. What can I do? I am helpless in this matter, I cannot stand up and protect. That this is how it is pains me considerably, leaving me feeling impotent, raging at my inability to do what must be done.

Three square meals I have partaken of this day, tomorrow I intend to revert back to form, avoiding the noon meal, if I can!

Lunch spent in good company, eating what I easily can call the best tomato soup that it has been my fortune to have in my entire life – it was really good.

Dinner was a pizza royal, washed down with a pint of Castel beer. The evening topped of with an unexpected meeting and a ride back perched on the back of a little scooter – my second ride for today on such a mode of transport!

I am of relatively good cheer, my spirits weighed down only by my concerns back home. I am worried… in my dreams perhaps I will find comfort…

25th August 2008 – 0130hrs

Well Sunday was a quiet day. Spent almost all of it in my room reading except for a brief trip outside for lunch. My clock is a little off still – a short nap taken ay 1830 lasted till ten minutes ago!

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