Wednesday, March 19, 2008


1) Falling in love
2) Time spent with good friends
3) Un planned trips
4) Hearing a song that reminds you of someone
5) The way your heart leaps seeing that someone 'special'
6) Wearing something that smells of the person you love
7) Driving early morning on an empty road
8) Dozing off to the sound of rain
9) Having a great meal with friends
10) Making love at dawn
11) A first kiss
12) A wonderful conversation with people you respect
13) Watching a sunset or sunrise
14) Being with that person that makes your life worth it all
15) Discovering your soul mate
16) Wrestling with a dog
17) Watching a child play
18) Seeing love in someones eyes
19) Looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing the light in your soul
2o) Having your arms around that special person
21) Reading to a child

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