Saturday, March 8, 2008


4th March 2008 and I am off on my travels again. Not too far this time, just across to the sub continent, to Kolkata India. The city is a new one for me though the country is not.

I am of mixed emotions on this journey, the opportunity this trip has to offer in terms of my career, the chance to see a new country, reason enough to be happy, but all is not well; the past few weeks have been emotionally draining and I am exhausted. I have tried to match that my exerting myself physically, running in the night, pushing myself trying to balance body and spirit

Chennai. Aboard my next flight to Kolkata… the journey has been good, connections made, baggage still with me!
6th March 2008
Kolkata, teeming with people, loud, blocked, incessantly tooting horns, beautiful old buildings, garden parks and those tooting horns! Why, no one is really going anywhere!!

Here to see a potential client, to show him what we have to offer I have another agenda – to seek clarity for my future with this organisation.

Landed on my back with a migraine, the trip to the plant was a terrible one – adding to my discomfort a sense of nausea…
7th March 2008
These next few months will show if what I have been told is to be or not. Added responsibilities to come my way, a green light for me to enter a new market, all good if actually allowed taking place. I will see.
My future, all in the future… it’s always the next corner….

I have found a new sense of appreciation for my own city, and my fervent hope is that it does not go the way of these Indian cities with their pollution, their chaos, their poverty. For while a war and poor government holds my country back, here while a part of the nation has indeed moved forward, it has most certainly done so leaving the masses behind.

The poverty is painful to see. Not in the driest regions of Wellewaya, not in the most rural part of the north is it possible to see such poverty.
8th March 2008
My initial stay has been extended by an additional day, courtesy of my boss. A waste of time I think, but sometimes I have to go with the flow.

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