Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's a new year!!!!

So, its' finally happened and with the passing of an old year a new one dawned. I have to comment that with age, each year seems to get shorter and shorter, I cannot believe how fast the last one went by....!

I've started off well, my sole resolution for the year that I not have any resolutions. That behind me, I suspect that sky's the limit in terms of what I can do and cannot.

I've been contemplating my life, the universe and my navel over the last few days and come to some conclusions - primarily that life must be lived. There really isn't very much else one can do with it, is there?

Then I had to also take into consideration words of wisdom cast before me by the "Oh Wise One's" (OWO's are a select band of merry men and women that I rely on to keep me sane most of the time - my little advisory board if you like). What they had to say was kind of interesting

Jade Peacock: "Enjoy it, you get only one"
BlackStilettos: "You are in for an interesting one"
Lucy: "Bugs, two bugs"
Star: "Stolen moments"
Sound master: "DIP" or something to that effect

Then of course there is Fonny, Astro consultant par excellence! Now he had lots to say, most of it all good.

So you know what, I am going to live.. I will take a day at a time, keeping personal and professional apart as much as possible. That is not to mean that I will not plan, planning an integral part of ensuring that his year of the Rat will one for the books.

Did I mention that I turn forty? I do.... I think I am supposed to go through some crisis or the other around this time, at least that's what I read. But I have noticed a few things about me like I shush people when their phones go off at the movies, gardening is suddenly interesting and I am more inclined to tell people to shut up. Then I have concerns about rudeness, graffiti, the newspaper arriving late, the decline of public services and the possible truth in libido jibes all the time thinking that younger people with baggy pants look stupid and sinister and crossing the street to avoid them.

I have taken to arguing with the TV but I am no longer quite as perturbed about making small talk with little children as I used to be. Bird song is good but its either hardly ever quiet enough or things are too quiet. I've also realised that I am going to die sooner than ever, which is why I need to live.

Truth though is that I am at a milestone in my life. I used to think that I peaked at 36 - recently divorced, had an incredible lover, everything was good. But 40 sounds good to me, 40 sounds right for me and I am embracing it with all that I am.

Time will tell.

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