Tuesday, November 6, 2007


It has been a while since I've posted, bordering on three weeks me thinks. The reasons have been many, including a singular lack of time; which is no real excuse. BUT, I am back and here we are.

I am now fully returned from my trip, and reality has bitten a largish chunk out of my arse. It speaks much about me when I say that I wish I was back on the road again, doing what I do best.

Work on the Mangroves has gone well, close upon completion though I have already run well out funds to finance it. But I will manage, it will be done.

Since my return I've had an opportunity to add to my pics, a few decent ones, nothing outstanding I hasten to assure you.

My day's have not been without drama and a fair amount of tension, both personally and professionally things are not too good right now. As things are, I need to maintain a low profile, try to mind my p's and q's and hope to survive to fight another day.

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