Friday, November 23, 2007


I've been rather contemplative today.... a walk down back into the past, to wonder about paths not taken and where they may have taken me, of the women I have loved and how lucky I am to have been loved back. of gentle souls and sweet hearts.

I haven't given my thought to my little hobby in the sense never really tried to articulate what it does for me. A conversation along those lines with a dear friend got me thinking about it.

Shooting from the hip, of everyday life perhaps the easiest to do. The art lies in blending into the background to remain unnoticed. Fauna cetainly the hardest for the right shot requiring patience and the ability to move with minute movements. I say this as one who has no paraphanalia except for a standard lens.

Shooting people, individuals is what I like best. To try and capture the essense of a person, to preserve for ever one singular moment.

The difficulty lies in finding someone unhibited, un affected by the presence of a camera. But when you do, ah, the moment can be magical! Alex was outstanding in the sense that the camera loved her.

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