Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tat's R Us

I was thinking (and that act alone deserves some mention) inspired by Lady D and her Tat post  if it would be a kindda of an interesting project to see what people actually thought were their tats of choice...

I wanted a tat to celebrate, well ‘me’ really, it was to mark a milestone along my life’s path and having gone through the phase of considering  Chinese dragons and scantily attired vixens on my arm, I found myself looking at Celtic symbols after having read a Sci Fi story that touched upon the Book of Kells

What I ended up picking was the triquetra, a three pronged Celtic knot which offered broad interpretation for what it stood

The Celtics honored the Great Mother who had three personifications – the three lunar phases, other possibilities included:
  • -        Spirit Mind and Body
  •          Past, Present and Future
  •          Thought, Emotion, Feeling
  •          Power, Intellect, Love
  •          Creation, Destruction and Preservation

    For me the interpretation was the connection between mind body and soul, and that is one of two reasons for this to be my pick – the other reason is simply that I liked the design!

What I have is a stylized version of what’s above, which is a simple Celtic knot

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