Sunday, April 4, 2010

What did happen?

Reading the news yesterday the most shocking item was a report dated 3-4.2010 to the effect that President Rajapakse had used derogatory language in the course of a speech he made in Jaffna - Lanka Truth & Lanka News Web.

These remarks are attributed to his reaction to the crowd jeering him during the course of his teleprompted speech in Tamil, apparently due to them not understanding him.

The Sunday Times of today has a different spin to the tale, attributing the jeering to a Sinhalese segment in the crowd who jeered for the same reason

So, while two reports claim that he used language derogatory towards the Tamil community the third suggests him speaking in support.

As the president of a country made up of different ethnicities his excellency has an obligation to lead this nation with no favor of one group over another - it was this favoring of a majority in the past that lead us down a path that saw an entire generation of Sri Lankan's living through a bloody war which tore the very social fabric of this nation.

If the initial reports are true - and frankly though I am incredulous that a politician of his caliber would make such a statement under existing circumstance; this is after all a new Sri Lanka where laws, constitution, common decency is tormented daily, anything is possible - its shocking, If what actually happened is a distortion, it make the reporters no better than the government propaganda machine

Will we ever find out what exactly happed that day in Jaffna?


  1. I think Lanka Truth & Lanka News Web not reporting it correctly. Quite obvious if you listen to the recording in Lanka News Web.

    The translation of MRs sinhala words goes like this...
    'Yes, we are Sinhala.
    i'm also Sinhala. Therefore, you listen to me. If you cannot listen without trying to be too smart, then leave." followed by "I will not stop. Since you shouted, I will continue in Tamil'

    Think Sunday Times report is correct!

  2. I hope that the Sunday Times report is correct too... Most of the Sri Lankan 'news' websites have a political agenda and don't really strive to provide unbiased news. I hope this doesn't get blown up out of proportion (it probably will be though).

  3. This is typical of how ready the media are to attack MR.

    According to the ST, when the Sinhalese thugs were booing him for speaking in Tamil, he scolded them for it and refused to change the language. This is a heartening story that at least symbolically demonstrates that MR is willing to go against the gallery for a solution.

    Without malicious intent, this story could not have been understood any other way. By essentially making up the story that they published, LankaTruth (more like or at least has sunk, in my opinion, to a new low.