Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So there I was

.... on my way back home after an absence of 28,512,000 seconds (or 330 days)with all these great plans about kicking back and watching the world go by while I rocked in a hammock, book in hand, a cold drink close by, soothed by the rustle of the wind in the tree's the lap of water on the shore; nothing more to do than eventually nod off to sleep, an entire month of sheer bliss!

That was the plan, that reality was a little different an understatement...

It all started right here in Ouaga and the very morning I left for my flight. A disagreement over the rate saw my luggage unceremoniously taken out of the taxi (by me) and I was left to cool my heels for another 30mts until an alternate could be found - one filled with Jerry cans of water mind you! From that point onwards it was one flight delay after another till I reached Dubai. Now I had work planned for that trip, but while I was in the air someone decided to celebrate the end of the Ramadan by declaring a holiday, leaving me again to cool my heels til my flight back home...

SL was not much better really, it was one mad rush rush rush and right now just a few high points is about all I have to remind me that I did take my vacation.

High points: A trip to Thailand, a couple of days in Kos, Kottu, Hoppers, A trip to Kataragama, getting to wrestle with the pack - there is something therapeutic about rolling on the ground with a bunch of mutts... and oh yes, I got to meet two bloggers!

But, I'm back now... and its been a little surreal, SL and that lush greenery seem like a dream back here in the dust and reddish soils of BF.


  1. Hey Sigma! Good to hear from you! :) wow, sounds like you enjoyed the vacation even with the rush... :) btw, you were in Kos as in the Greek island?

    Hoping to hear more stories and see more photos from the trip! :D

  2. oh dear, disregard that earlier comment! :D just saw the new photos on flickr! :D

  3. hmm u know meeting unknown online friends is tad dangerouse ne?

  4. Where in Thailand were you? I'm planning a trip over there in January.

  5. @ Chavi: Alas no, this Kos is in Sunny Taprobane!

    @ Dee: So I've been told, but so far, depening on the perspective, all I've met are really lovely people!

    @ Rasti: Pattaya... Cathy had a lovely 3 night four day package.

  6. you've been tagged!!!

    oh and you met two lovely bloggers? niiiice!!!;)