Thursday, October 8, 2009

A few recent shots

More on flickr!


  1. I was wondering why things were quiet around here lately! :D

    I love the 3rd and 4th pictures... but I can't figure out how you snapped the last one! :S

  2. I agree Chavie, I was getting a wee bit worried...Sigma glad to see you are back...

  3. Hi all!

    @ Chavie: In SL on leave my friend... been swampled between sampling all the food, office and just enjoying myself. Yeah, I'm not quite sure how that last pic happened either.

    @ Jeff: Tried to call you before I left, hope you are keeping OK. I'll be back early November, Paradisio for a flag then?

    @ Gutterflower: Indeed I am! TY

    @ Dee: {:-)

    @ Gadgetgirl: TY indeed... more on flickr, from Dubai and Male.

    Missed you all

  4. I like the first one... I just can't figure out why :(

  5. @ Sean: I do too, and I thinks its cos of the colors, there is something warm about those hues